Handicap or limitations, think in possibilities and dream! Live!

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Martijn van Dijk
Six/seven years ago I found out, based on experiences in my own life in the past, that I would like to commit myself to something or someone to do better without getting anything in return. Based on these experiences I know how nice it is that there is something or someone who helps you.
After an interview I became part of the Lighthouse Sports Foundation. Partly my goal failed because I got something back in return, a lot of gratitude and this has enriched my life for the better. What has enriched my life, read my/our story below.


Nobody knows how long or short you will live. How beautiful is it that you can have your dreams. And even better that your dream may come to life with the help of people who look beyond your handicap or your limitations. They are the ones who can see through it and want to help you make your dreams come true. Let you shine, let you experience, show you that you LIVE.

That is what the Lighthouse Sports Foundation is all about. Allow people with multiple disabilities to participate in triathlon or regular running competitions. Let these special children experience by accepting them as a complete athlete. That is only possible through the muscle power that is provided by you and/or me.
These athletes also have a desire to integrate into society by participating in regular competitions, where they are seen, where they are encouraged in their being, where they belong in life. Where people see them as people, as individuals, as athletes, with a name and a face.

That is why I nominate this foundation, which I have been a part of for five years already, so that they can let more people participate in these events, because adapted sports equipment are very expensive for this group of people. And also, for example, for unity in their uniform so that they get a face, a name.

But I also nominate this foundation to give information to future athletes, but also to you, to share this message of faith, hope and love worldwide. Because one cannot live without the other. We want to be a bright spot for these parents and children who have already endured many storms through the acceptance of their disability, the many hospital admissions, but in addition to these storms there are bright spots and that is that they can participate in their favorite sport.

Maybe we can challenge you by sporting a day with these families, giving you and them a valuable day, a lasting memory because together you are strong!
Together we can ensure that we also see these people as a fully loved person.
Live, Live together, experience together and the lives of these people will become more bearable if they can receive the right sports equipment so that they are seen as them, that they are allowed to experience and live, just like you!

We made a movie of one of our athletes during the Bosbaan triathlon in Amsterdam and this tells a big part of our story, please check this and feel it!



Martijn van Dijk
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