As an international producer of commercial products, hummel strives to have a positive impact on the planet and its people. The vision is to ‘Change the World through Sport’ and hummel do so through its Company Karma approach and activities. To hummel, sport is a universal language with the strength to make a real change in the world by creating understanding, respect and unity between nations, cultures and people. Below you will find a selection of hummel's Company Karma projects - for at full overview please visit hummel's website here


Fortunately, there are those in society who find the strength to fight against human injustices, although doing so does not come without a price. Those who dare to speak out against the ruling elite, putting a lot at stake, including their own lives. Khalida experienced this first-hand.

She grew up in a war-torn country as part of a generation that had never known any other reality, and in a society that was opposed to women’s active involvement in any form of activity. What 16-year-old Khalida Popal found unacceptable, however, was the notion that she and her female friends should be treated differently solely due to their gender. And so, she was willing to get involved in the fight for equality, no matter the consequences.


world's happiest national team

LykkeLiga was started by former national team player Rikke Nielsen, who dreamed of her daughter, Magda, experiencing the unique team spirit that drives a handball team. As Magda has Down’s syndrome, it wasn’t easy to find a team suited for her. So, Rikke decided to take matters into her own hand – starting not just a team but a whole league for children who need a little extra help when playing team sports.

In the early years of the collaboration, hummel had the honour of placing their logo, chevrons and t-shirts on the LykkeLiga players. In 2019, hummel took the collaboration to the next level by developing ideas, campaigns and initiatives that created even more awareness and visibility for the LykkeLiga.

Today, LykkeLiga consists of 620 amazing players based in more than 45 clubs throughout Denmark. And the team spirit isn't just flourishing on the track but also amongst the many parents, volunteers and supporters, who daily nurture the fighting spirit and joy of life both on and off the pitch.


For several years, hummel has been supporting non-profit organisations in Sierre Leone. Organisations that use sport as a mean to convey the importance of – and teach the country’s local communities about human rights, public health and education.

Hummel is working closely together with the organization Football for a New Tomorrow (FANT) on projects that aim to create development and positive change for marginalized groups.

Over the years, hummel has found that it can be difficult to get girls involved in football as the sport is dominated by boys. Therefore, hummel has been part of establishing a new organisation, Handball for a New Destiny (HAND), which focuses on actively including women in the sport.


FANT primarily uses football to create unity and understanding across religion, class distinctions and social laws. They work closely with the organisation Flying Star Amputees - a football team consisting of players that are all amputee victims from the civil war. Together the organisations use the power of sport to mobilise disabled persons in sports clubs and football networks as well as improving the well-being and inclusion of people with disabilities.


In 2019, HAND was officially created with the aim of advocating and working for the inclusion of girls. HAND teaches girls about the rules of the game, gives out handball equipment and establishes handball clubs where the girls meet regularly and are informally educated in democratic principles and human rights. Handball is not a very well-known sport in Sierra Leone, so it is easier for women to be allowed to take part; the sport has not already been 'reserved' for boys.


Together with FANT, hummel has produced a short documentary, highlighting how football brings joy, confidence and hope for a better future to the disabled of Sierra Leone.


‘Rooklyn International Football Association’, RIFA, is a soccer team in New York aiming to help young immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees integrate into society and establish a social network through soccer and mentorship. hummel is proud to sponsor the New York based soccer team - and to actively participate in the fight for kindness, diversity and social empowerment.

New York fashion designer Willy Chavarria has designed the team’s new kit featuring the number 5683 - representing L-O-V-E on the digital keypad. The number reflects hummel, Willy Chavarria and RIFA’s shared effort to create and share a more embracing and tolerant tone in the current global immigration debate.