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With its international production facilities and sales companies, Brødrene Hartmann A/S has developed to become the world’s leading manufacturer of moulded fibre egg packaging, a market-leading manufacturer of fruit packaging in South America and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of technology for the production of moulded-fibre packaging. And for good reasons too: after all, parallel to innovative product development, the company also heightened its commitment to production, which conserves resources. Environmental sustainability and comprehensive social responsibility represent supporting pillars of the Hartmann culture.

Hartmann plays an important role in the food supply chain globally, and as more and more customers are choosing moulded fibre packaging, we make a significant contribution to replacing single-use plastic packaging.

Torben Rosenkrantz-Theil
CEO, Hartmann

As consumers turn against plastic-based products and embrace sustainable moulded fibre packaging instead, Hartmann supports the positive development by offering a versatile product range and expertise in egg marketing to customers across our markets. Product development and packaging production are today supported by highly specialised marketing and graphic design services, distinguishing the company's customers and attributing to them an edge over the competition. It hardly comes as a surprise that even after more than 100 years, ambitious customers all over the world do not just choose any old packaging but rather opt for Hartmann packaging.

DID YOU KNOW? Hartmann's paper raw materials are made from 100% FSC certified or recycled sources.


Hartmann’s sustainable packaging consists exclusively of moulded fibre made from recyclable paper. It is biodegradable and can be recycled again after use. However, for Hartmann, sustainability has a much wider scope. In addition to caring for our environment and our planet, sustainability also means caring for the people whose lives we touch and, as a successful business, for our customers, our employees and our investors, too.

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