Sanovo packaging China Co.,Ltd
NO.5, Huihang Road,
Chuzhou City, Anhui province
China. 239000

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As a part of the THORNICO conglomerate, Sanovo Packaging China was established in May 2019. The production facility is located in the city of Chuzhou, Anhui Province in Eastern China. With its top technology and highly automatic production equipment supplied by Hartmann - the world leader in moulded fiber egg packaging and moulded pulp production machinery - Sanovo Packaging is becoming a leading manufacturer of paper pulp egg packaging in China.

Our first production facility in China, placed in the strategic location of Chuzhou and equipped with machinery from Hartmann, is our first step towards becoming the leading supplier in China of recyclable and bio-degradable packaging, contributing to the strong worldwide trend in replacing single-use plastic packaging.

Ernesto W. Schönbrod
President, Thornico Packaging Division in the Far East

Sanovo Packaging China differentiates itself by offering top quality products, competitive prices, on-time delivery and excellent customer service, while its manufacturing processes consume as little energy and water as possible making the production environmentally sustainable and allowing the company to offer 100% recyclable and bio-degradable egg packaging.

Sanovo Packaging China adds value to customers by providing egg protection with top quality packaging as well as brand identification and marketing tools with product development and label design. In short, the company’s smarter packaging solutions help its customers sell more eggs.