Westblaak 144
3012 KM Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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STANICO handles the financial, commercial and technical matters of most of THORNICO’s real estate portfolio. More specifically, it is in charge of the management, leasing and maintenance of the THORNICO Building and the THORNICO T(W)O in Rotterdam and the Danish portfolio mix of offices, industrial and residential properties.

Originally, the Rotterdam based real estate company was founded in 1996 as West-Star Management B.V, but changed its name to STANICO in 2018 and is now merged with the Danish real estate department. In Denmark, the STANICO administration is located in Odense along with THORNICO HQ among others. The Danish portfolio consists of about 200 leases at 15 different properties in Denmark.

STANICO has turned 'grey concrete' into 'living green' by having created one of Europe’s largest real green facades around the parking house and green rooftops, which today accommodate Netherlands’ highest living bee populations producing more than a hundred kilos per year of our own honey.

Ronald Bouwens

The THORNICO Building is a typical multi-tenant office building located in the centre of Rotterdam. It was constructed in the mid-1970s and acquired by the THORNICO Group in the late ’80s. The THORNICO Building has gradually developed from a big size massive office building built in the post-war redevelopment program of Rotterdam to a green and highly recognised landmark of the city. With 30,000 square metres of rentable space and a parking garage for about 800 cars, the THORNICO Building is one of the biggest of its kind in the heart of the city. The THORNICO Building is used by approximately 25 different companies ranging from small start-ups to larger entities in the field of various services, commercial businesses, restaurants and various medical services.

In 2016, STANICO expanded its portfolio in Rotterdam by acquiring a neighbouring building, now named THORNICO T(W)O. Although size-wise not a huge building, the THORNICO T(W)O is one of Rotterdam’s architectural landmarks by design and location. Amidst office high rises and dark alleys, the building functions as a 54-metres deep, but only 5 metres wide three-storey office/workshop annex with a penthouse apartment on top. With the two buildings, STANICO holds a unique position in Rotterdam’s sustainable and cultural development. 

DID YOU KNOW? One of the new properties in the Real Estate portfolio is Svanemøllevej. The property serves as THORNICO’s Copenhagen based hub and house several of the THORNICO Group companies

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