Homemade teddy bears for kids in emergency rooms

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Annie Frydensberg Pedersen
Hi. My name is Annie, and I work as Sales Engineer in Sanovo Technology in Denmark.
My job involves a lot of different tasks, and that is where I thrive best. The same can be said about my private life where many tasks are focused on my 4 wonderful children, but a bit of my time is spent on my big passion - sewing.
I have always wanted to help others, but I am not a millionaire and my time is scarce. However, I have managed to combine two interests – helping others and sewing.

In January 2016 a new group called “Skadestuebamsen” (= emergency room teddy bear) was started on Facebook (closed group). The goal of the managers of this group is to collect and donate homemade teddy bears (sewing, knitting and/or crocheting) from a lot of volunteers to the different emergency rooms in Denmark. So, when children (aged 0-6 years) comes into the emergency room, because they have experienced some kind of accident, they receive a homemade teddy bear to ease the pain. And it is a huge success! The homemade teddy bears bring so much joy to the child in an otherwise difficult time, and it makes a world of difference in how smooth the treatment can be carried out.
Sometimes it is necessary to take a blood sample from a child to test for certain illnesses. And sometimes it has been necessary to hold the child in a firm grip in order to do this. It has been a problem as it is no fun having to hold down a child. The homemade teddy bear has almost eliminated this problem!
I am so proud to say that I am part of this group, and that I am able to help children getting through some tough times. I don’t know who receives “my” teddy bears and it is not important – I just know that they will bring joy. And as a mother myself, I know how much such a great "distraction" means - for both parent and child in a difficult situation.

Below are a couple of pictures of me and my first batch of teddy bears – most are sewn; a few are knitted. These are the first from me – but absolutely not the last! I have also received permission to show a picture of a child, who have indeed experienced the joy of receiving a teddy bear at an emergency room.
Update: I received permission from another mother, who's child had an accident and went to the emergency room, and actually received a teddy bear, which I have made. This only makes me wanna make even more teddy bears. I am at the moment learning to crochet, so I also can make crocheted teddy bears!
Update July 2018: I have now delivered 2 bags of teddy bears for the emergency room in Odense/Svendborg. Then a new round can start!
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