SANOVO Case Packer Pro

Introducing the brand new SANOVO Case Packer Pro - the most flexible case packer in the world!

SANOVO Case Packer Pro

During the last decade, the egg packing industry in Europe and Asia has experienced a growing variety of non-standardised egg carton shapes, sizes, and packing patterns.

To meet the requirements for more flexible automation solutions in egg grading and packing centers, SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP has developed the SANOVO Case Packer Pro, an egg packing solution specifically designed for the European and Asian markets. During the development phase, the guiding principle of the Case Packer Pro was to obtain maximum flexibility to handle all kinds of egg packing cases and cartons.

Benefits of the Case Packer Pro
  • Highest packing flexibility in the industry
  • Less downtime by the use of standard components
  • Compatible with common grader brands

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