Lactosan optimising with new facilities

New facilities in Lactosan, along with cooperation with Danish universities, will optimise both the value chain, production and build knowledge to future product-lines - all are starting points for developing the business years to come.

Lactosan optimising with new facilities

What a journey! More than two years with constant building here in Denmark - a new tower, administration building, extensions of the current lab-facilities and locker rooms, daily interruptions by craftsmen, and for almost six months having our administration offices in a trailer. At the same time trying to have a “normal” workday as many other projects in our production area have been implemented in a time, where we have been extremely busy and tried to fulfil our customers’ expectations. This has been challenging for everyone at Lactosan, Denmark. But has it been worth it? Absolutely!

Lactosan, Denmark now has some fantastic facilities where we are ready to greet our Lactosan colleagues from abroad, customers, distributors, suppliers, and many other stakeholders who have a professional interest in Lactosan. All prerequisites are fulfilled to give ourselves the best possible starting point when it comes to positively developing our business for the years to come.

Strengthening ties with the universities in Denmark, and building our knowledge and capabilities, will enable us to come up with more exciting products which will be supported by the increased capacity from our new tower.

We have tailored our organisation to fit the new situation where the focus will be on optimising our internal and external value chain by optimising ways of communication internally as well as externally and challenging current production procedures. Improving existing product qualities and generating new ideas with the aim of top- and bottom line growth.

With a focus on sustainability and becoming a “greener” company, concurrently  we work with new initiatives to the benefit for all our stakeholders. This is in line with our agenda for the coming years, not only in Denmark but also at our plant In Uruguay with Andrea and her team, who has already taken good steps in this direction implementing solar cells. 

COVID-19 has brought us even closer

2020 has been a memorable year due to COVID-19. This has taken a lot of focus and resources. Still, all our colleagues in, as well as outside of Denmark, have handled the situation very professionally. Commercially we have only felt the influence of COVID-19 in a few markets.

In our daily work it is a very different story; however, as it has been the centre of discussion since March, and I believe, at times, we have all been doubting what to do? We have tried to help each other finding good ways to operate daily in this corona environment worldwide. So far, it has worked very well in all our entities in Uruguay, U.K., Japan, China, and Russia. All managers had to think and “lead by new rules” and they have done an outstanding job. Everyone has been cautious, but at the same time, brave and bold in finding solutions on how to operate efficiently during this very unfamiliar situation.

Looking ahead, we focus our daily operations on becoming number one within cheese powder!

2020 is coming to an end, and we feel we have taken our fair share of challenges this year. Despite this, we will come out with a decent financial result. However, we look forward to 2021 where we again shall put all our focus and attention into our daily operations trying to achieve our BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) of becoming number one in the world of cheese powders!

I want to take this opportunity to thank each of you within our Lactosan Group for your hard work and dedication to Lactosan in this extraordinary year!

And to everyone in our THORNICO Group - Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Jørn Frandsen, CEO, Lactosan

Cheese is hotter than ever

17 June 2021

Despite the continuous challenges with COVID-19, we have stayed on track from our intentions which I wrote about in the THORNICO newsletter from late last year - Read the executive statement from CEO, Jørn Frandsen here.

OVODAN elaborating on year to date

17 June 2021

We are almost halfway through 2021, and it is time to take a step back and elaborate with a clear perspective of this year to date. AND now is the time to consider how we can position OVODAN for the times to come - CEO, Henrik Pedersen.

MÄT x Playmobil

17 June 2021

Backed by a new Austro-German distribution and salesforce agreement, MÄT extends its existing license with Playmobil, adding the market rights to co-brand MÄTs organic Dino snacks and cereals with the brand-new Dino Rise toy range from Playmobil.