MyKarma Project Winner 2020

Along with the yearly THORNICO Award and celebration of our many talented, dedicated and competent employees in the THORNICO Group, we also crown a winner of our MyKarma Project Award.

MyKarma Project Winner 2020

A MyKarma Project can be big or small, and everything in between. It can involve one person or thousands of people, a local community or maybe even the planet. It is about doing something good and extending our Company Karma philosophy into our private life organised after working hours.

In THORNICO, we are proud of having colleagues who take action and make a difference around the world - colleagues who take our philosophy to heart and continues the work is inspiring.

Therefore, we are delighted to finally reveal that this year’s winner of the MyKarma Project Award is Martijn van Dijk from SANOVO TECHNOLOGY NETHERLANDS for his project, Handicap or Limitations, Think in Possibilities and Dream! Live!

The MyKarma Project Handicap or limitations, think in possibilities and dream! Live! is for me about committing to a project; to do better for someone, without getting anything in return… My mission has failed though, as I have gotten a lot of gratitude in return which has enriched my life for the better… – Martijn van Dijk

Martijn has been involved in this MyKarma Project hosted by the Lighthouse Sports Foundation for a number of years now. The Lighthouse Sports Foundation is all about giving children with multiple disabilities the opportunity to participate in triathlon or regular running competitions by accepting them as a ‘’complete athlete’’, supporting them to do regular training together and participating in activities that are so obvious to others. The foundations also support parents and families with insights and positive future perspectives to help them endure the many hospital admissions and storms they have to overcome.

This is only possible with help from someone like Martijn. We are so proud to have you on board in the THORNICO Group. You truly ooze the spirit of Company Karma; to do good, inspire but also to share a message of faith, hope and love worldwide.

As the winner of the MyKarma Project 2020, Martijn is awarded with the grand check of DKK 25,000 for his very inspiring project. Hopefully, it can help arrange even more great experiences and competitions for children with multiple disabilities and their families as well as help inspire others.

Congratulations! We wish Martijn and his MyKarma Project all the best. And are looking forward to following their great and inspiring work.

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