Artwork: LE NON MOI – THORNICO Prize 2023

When we give away our LE NON MOI – THORNICO Prize of DKK 250,000, it is accompanied by a unique piece of artwork. 

Artwork: LE NON MOI – THORNICO Prize 2023

This year we chose to have the artwork made by an artist, Chimi Wangchuk, from Bhutan who, despite his young age, is well known for his iconographies and statues in Bhutan.

Prize Wall 

We have two statues made each time we give out the Prize. One artwork for the recipient and another artwork  displayed at our THORNICO Copenhagen Headquarters.

If you ever visit our Copenhagen Headquarters, please take a minute to enjoy the wall of LE NON MOI -THORNICO Prize. 

Learn more about Chimi Wangchuk 

Chimi Wangchuk, a young emerging sculptor, hails from Lhuentse - the northeast region of Bhutan and also one of the least developed districts in the country of the Himalayas. His love for making art started with painting, where he learned traditional painting techniques from his cousin, a traditional painter (Lhadri).

After finishing his academic education at Minjey Middle Secondary School in Lhuentse, Chimi came to the capital city, Thimphu, to learn a new form of art. He chose the art of sculpting, leading him to make some of the most beautiful and fascinating Bhutanese iconographies and statues.

Chimi Wangchuk, born in the year of the Fire Ox (1997), holds a National Certificate II in Jimzo (Sculpture) from the National Institute for Zorig Chusum. He is employed by the Royal Government of Bhutan to carry out many state-funded sculpting projects.


Solar panels in the THORNICO group

29 August 2023

When we build new production and logistics facilities within our group, we need to consider the green transition in the process. Read more about our investments in i.a. solar energy, here.