hummel x Astralis extend partnership until 2025

hummel x Astralis extend partnership until 2025

In 2020, hummel kickstarted a new era within esport by entering a historic partnership with Astralis - and today, we can happily announce a two-year extension and a significant expansion of the agreement.

hummel take over Astralis’ webshop

As part of the new and expanded partnership, hummel will take over the operation of Astralis’ webshop and the sales from B2B and B2C markets – meaning that hummel will develop, market, and sell the official player clothing, as well as new lines of merchandise.

Esport and the associated merchandise market are in rapid expansion worldwide and, with the new agreement, we’re looking very much forward to becoming an even larger part of this fast-growing industry.  

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10 June 2022

It is with great excitement that we today post our 2021 annual results for the entire THORNICO Group. Watch the video announcement presented by our CEO and owner, Christian Stadil. And read the official press release.