Introducing the new Danish national team jersey

Danish national team jersey created by 34,610 singing fans in Parken Stadium.

Introducing the new Danish national team jersey

The new Danish national team jersey for the final tournament of the European Championship in their home ground is designed with 34,610 fans singing the national anthem together in Parken Stadium.

You probably remember the goosebumps you get from the sound of thousands of fans getting up to sing the national anthem before an international match. And although the sound of the packed stands has never felt further away, we can still remember the roar. It is the sound of unity. And this is precisely what has created the new Danish national team jersey for this summer’s final tournament of the European Championship at the home ground.

hummel CEO, Allan Vad Nielsen, explains:

“The sound of a packed stadium, where you’re standing shoulder to shoulder, shouting along to the national anthem, is really something special. It can make the hair of most Danes stand on end. Even on those who have never even been in the stadium, feeling the rush. That’s why we are extremely proud of the new Danish national team jersey, where the sound of the fans and the national anthem have been incorporated into the design.”

When Denmark faced Ireland in the European Championship qualifier on 7 June 2019, hummel transformed Parken Stadium into a huge sound studio. The goal was to get the best recording of the national anthem. A recording of the 34,610 match-ready voices, which has since been created into a soundwave and embroidered into the new national team jersey.

Allan Vad Nielsen adds:

“It is without a doubt that one of the things we have missed the most in the past year is the presence of fans in the stadium. And even though we knew it before the coronavirus pandemic, this has just confirmed how much it means to bring the fans and the national anthem closer than they’ve ever been to the players in the design of the jersey. In this way, both the fans and the players can proudly bear the sound of Denmark when we pull on our jerseys and get ready for the match.”

Every voice counts

According to several of the Danish national team players, the sound of the national anthem in the packed home stadium is one of the most emotional things you can experience as a football player. It’s the feeling of unity and togetherness.

For the national team goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel, the national anthem encapsulates the difference between everyday life playing for Premier League club Leicester, and what it means to come home and represent his country.

“The national anthem is what makes it different from club football. It’s something that brings us together. And it doesn’t just bring the team together – it brings the team together with the spectators, the audience and the people at home. It’s something we all do together, and it’s a way for us to feel connected with the surroundings and the audience. Everything comes to an end, and you never know how many caps you’ll get. So, it’s simply about enjoying every single match,” says Kasper Schmeichel.

The Danish midfielder Pierre-Emile Højbjerg agrees with his teammate:

“I feel lucky and privileged when I’m allowed to represent the country I love. To stand with at least 10 other players who will give it their all to achieve something for their country – that’s a win. So we’re lucky. When we’re singing along to the national anthem, we’re all equals, and that’s the feeling we get. And it is a feeling you create. We’re in this together, and every voice counts. And that’s why this design has been made for the new national team jersey.”

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Introducing the new Danish national team jersey

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