MyKarma Project Winner 2021

Having colleagues who take our Company Karma philosophy to heart, make a difference and take action around the world, is incredibly inspiring.

MyKarma Project Winner 2021

Along with the yearly THORNICO Award celebration of our colleagues within the THORNICO Group, we also crown a winner of our MyKarma Project Award.

A MyKarma Project can be big or small, and everything in between. It can involve one person or thousands of people, a local community or maybe even the planet. It is about doing something good and extending our Company Karma philosophy after working hours. Therefore, we are very thrilled to finally reveal the MyKarma Project winner 2021:

''San Rafael, more than a women's soccer team!!'' - by Alejandro Gandini, plant supervisor at Lactosan, Uruguay. 


In 2020, Alejandro set up a women's soccer team (San Rafael) so that the women of the town have a place to get together with the excuse of practising the most popular sport in Uruguay.

The team, where I also became the coach, is totally inclusive. Everyone can be part of it, regardless of age or physical condition, even regardless of the sports result. The important thing is to meet, play sport and share life.
- Alejandro Gandini

The training is an excuse for the girls to meet, share their joys and problems, values of solidarity, commitment and teamwork. Additionally, it helps increase the empowerment of the girls, both in the team but also in their everyday life.


Usually, the MyKarma Project winner is crowned with a special celebration at our THORNICO Event in Denmark – but due to COVID-19, we have had to do the celebrations a little differently this year.

As seen in the pictures above, Alejandro got celebrated locally at Lactosan in Uruguay – and was awarded with great gifts and a grand check of DKK 25,000 for his inspiring project. Hopefully, it can help arrange even more great experiences and competitions for the women in San Rafael.

Congratulations! We wish Alejandro and his MyKarma Project all the best. And are looking forward to following his great and inspiring work.

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