Torben Ulrich: the first recipient of our LE NON MOI - THORNICO Prize

Last Saturday, we, Christian Stadil and THORNICO, launched our new LE NON MOI – THORNICO Prize.

Below you can watch how we launched and celebrated this year’s winner of our LE NON MOI – THORNICO Prize, Torben Ulrich. 


The prize will annually be presented to an individual or team who, through their art, research or communication, enables more people to experience le non-moi.

Le non-moi is the important state of mind where we lose our sense of self and allow ourselves to be absorbed so that it feels as if time stops, disappears and everything is flowing. It is in that state of mind that we as humans are at our best and feel best.

This year’s receiver of the LE NON MOI - THORNICO prize is Torben Ulrich – the natural first choice.

Unfortunately, Torben was not able to join the event personally. Instead, Lars Movin- a Danish author who has written a biography of Torben Ulrich through conversations between the two – came to receive the prize on behalf of Torben Ulrich.

About Torben Ulrich

There was not really any doubt about the first recipient of the LE NON MOI - THORNICO Prize as Torben Ulrich ticks all the criteria boxes and has inspired generations through his work and many talents.

Besides being a true polymath working across sports, art, music and literature, Torben has also communicated and embedded the notion of no-mind and le non-moi concretely into his oeuvre as well as having actively experimented with different states and the science of mind and consciousness via yoga and meditation.

Watch how Christian presented the prize to Torben Ulrich here:


Film production credits: Tobias Scavenius, Andreas Johnsen.

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