The THORNICO Awards is an annual celebration of the many talented, dedicated and competent employees in the THORNICO Group all around the world. We all know that person, who did something extraordinary, who is full of good ideas and who gladly helps, where help is needed.

The THORNICO Awards is an opportunity to praise that colleague and show your appreciation of their work, ideas, and way of being. 

How does it work?

The THORNICO Awards is divided into two rounds: a local championship and a global grand finale.  In the local championship, all THORNICO employees can nominate any colleague for one of the three awards, Company Karma, Idea and Synergy. From all nominees, there will be found three local winners in each group company, who besides the great honour of winning the local championship, are directly nominated for the global grand finale. The three overall global winners will be found each fall and rewarded with great prizes. 

How do I nominate?

You can nominate your colleagues for the THORNICO Awards 2021 by filling out the online form on the nominate your colleague site.

For those of you with acess to INDRA's net you can also nominate by filling out the form there. You will have until May 31, 2021 to nominate your colleagues for the 2021 awards.

Who can I nominate?
All employees worldwide, but CEO level, can be nominated for the awards.

What awards?

The THORNICO Awards is divided into three awards with the following criteria:

The Company Karma Award: Company karma is a tribute to colleagues who express the spirit of Company Karma; doing good while doing business. Maybe a colleague you know shows great care for the world around us: the environment, or people in challenging situations, maybe someone in the office always takes one for the team or is just darn good at bringing positive energy to work. Also, it could be a colleague who goes that extra mile to create win-win situations for customers and/or the company. Simply those who create a culture of positivity and ‘pay it forward’ at their workplace are those who deserve a nomination for Company Karma. 

Prize: A Company Karma Experience, a Company Karma Kit, DKK 10.000,-  and a place in the THORNICO Wall of Fame.

The Idea Award: Idea honours colleagues whose ideas shine bright. Perhaps you know a colleague who had a great idea that set out a new and better direction? The best ideas are not necessarily the big ones – it just might be a minor change to something existing that has made a great difference. Either way, take the opportunity to nominate a good colleague of yours whose ideas deserve to be celebrated. 

Prize: An Idea generating Conference, an Idea Kit including the Idea Lamp, DKK 10.000,- and a place in the THORNICO Wall of Fame

The Synergy Award: Synergy is the category in which we honours colleagues who are good at involving and cooperating across the department, the company or even the group. Some people are able to create circumstances where 1+1 becomes more than 2; that is human synergy and it is pretty magical and definitely worth celebrating. Especially in a conglomerate as THORNICO, the synergetic factor is important because it reduces the distance between colleagues and sparks great cooperation. 

Prize: The Synergy Trophy, DKK 10.000,-, a Synergy Dinner, a Synergy Kit and a place in the THORNICO Wall of Fame.