THORNICO - the name combination of Thor and Nicholas - took its form around the millennium where father and son, Thor and Christian Nicholas Stadil, secured their investments in hummel, SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP as well as Lactosan and OVODAN formerly, LACTOSAN SANOVO INGREDIENTS GROUP. This kick-started what today has become a conglomerate consisting of a global group of more than 130 companies.

We operate in a diverse business portfolio, striving to create synergy between our businesses and our people. From our vast real estate business merging concrete with nature in the urban environment, our pioneering experience with natural and functional ingredients as well as the handling and processing equipment designed for this, our sustainable packaging products and machinery, our investments in innovative and cutting-edge business solutions and our creative design and manufacturing of sports & fashion apparel and footwear. And as our business keeps growing, we continuously add new dew drops, expanding our THORNICO spiderweb.

In the THORNICO group of companies, we see our interconnectedness as an opportunity to draw us closer to the people we work with, to ‘tear down silos’ and to think more holistically. We call this our Company Karma philosophy; our mantra on doing good whilst doing business. As a core value in our company culture, we believe that positive actions will send positive ripples across the infinite net, touching every dew drop, every company, every colleague on its way. In a cohesive world, this can act as a never-ending spiral of positive change.

We are delighted in your interest in THORNICO and hope this website provides you with information that ignites your curiosity and that it will serve as a guide on your journey through the THORNICO world.


Enjoy the ride!

Thor Stadil & Christian Stadil

Click the picture to read our brochure
Click the picture to read our brochure


Flip through our THORNICO Brochure to get an introduction to the diverse business portfolio of THORNICO. 


THORNICO’s founders, Thor and Christian Stadil, are avid mountain climbers, and together they have climbed a total of 102 vertical km.