Svanemøllevej 17

2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

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With an expansive product portfolio ranging from innovative between meal snacks, healthy cereals with no added sugar and tasty protein chips, MÄT strives towards promoting the relevance of certified organic ingredients, contesting the usage of refined sugar, all the while offering products with a plentiful source of digestive fibres and protein. The result is a colourful MÄT universe, which offers consumers an easy stepping stone into a healthier life style, without having to give up on taste or visual product appeal.

MÄT Foods combines the in-trend virtues of functional and free-from foods, focusing on modern family life and consumer behaviour.

 Søren Bergstrøm Christensen

Entrepreneur Alice Stadil and nutritional expert Sofie Bentzen founded MÄT in 2016 with the ambition of creating a range of easily accessible convenience products based on transparency, premium organic ingredients and respectful love for the challenges of modern family life – commendable values which have seen world brands like Playmobil enter strategic collaborations with MÄT in the common goal of promoting a creative and healthy lifestyle.

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